Anita Lo, the chef-owner (interview) of Bar Q in the West Village has “definitely, 100% for sure closed” her 10-month-old restaurant, according to a source close to the chef. There are also signs on the front door saying as much, reports Eater, which has managed to aggregate an angry, anti-Bar Q neighborhood mob of sorts in the comments section of a post about the closure. Despite the hate, Bar Q received two stars from the Times last summer; Lo is one of the city’s most-experienced, high profile chefs. Last fall, chef Andrew Carmellini talked about a fantastic meal he ate at Bar Q (after walking in, not pre-coordinating a chef-to-chef “hookup meal”); Carmellini described Lo’s cooking as “very masterful.” Earlier this month, the NYU-area location of Anita Lo’s Rickshaw Dumpling Bar also abruptly closed.