Today The Post published a short article on Financial District hotdog vendor-turned-bridal florist Kohnoor Begum. "Business is very slow," Begum explained of her decision to expand her cart offerings outside the city Marriage Bureau. "We need to make more money." Intrigued by Begum's unique business plan, we took a trip down to visit her. We were not welcomed.

Either Begum has let fame go to her head or for some reason (permits, perhaps?) she just doesn't want any more press attention. Shouting, "No questions! No pictures!" and brandishing her tongs, Begum made it clear that her business was her own. Begum has occupied the busting corner of Worth and Centre Streets for the past five years and only recently began selling fake flowers to deal-seeking couples about to get married in the Office of the City Clerk, located steps from the cart. Begum and her team, which includes her daughter and a third man, approach passersby with bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and offers to take wedding photos on the steps of the Clerk's office or in the nearby "Wedding Garden."

By midafternoon, there were no less than six couples (all hetero, for now) coming in and out of the Clerk's office. and although some stopped briefly to hear the pitch, none took advantage of the on-site flowers. We did, however, see several hot dog and bottled water purchases. Which makes sense, because these days no wedding reception is complete without food trucks!