The marketing team behind Doritos is really going for gold this year, by enlisting generic, vaguely funny Everydude Andy Samberg to help with their annual "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign. The campaign is basically a way for Doritos to get publicity without all the hard work of coming up with their own commercials—instead, they get fame-hungry fans to compete against each other with homemade ads. "America" votes for the winner, who will have their ad broadcast during the big game. Last year's winner involved a chip-crazy pug. This year's winner will have to work with Lonely Island. Is that really...a prize?

The shtick this year is that Lonely Island will also be creating an ad for the contest. If their ad wins (by scoring well on the USA Today Ad Meter, which measures the popularity of Super Bowl commercials using SCIENCE), they'll donate $1 million to charity. But if Regular Joe wins, he gets $1 million for himself and the chance to work with the Lonely Island crew, described as "one of the hottest entertainment teams in the industry today." Just look at this topical Lady Gaga spoof they made!

Anyhow, despite the fact that none of the previous contest winners have gone on to much success, Doritos is convinced that this year will be totally awesome. Company reps say the buzz for these things is huge—over 5,000 people entered ads for a recent game played earlier this year. "I would love in two or three years from now for the winner of this year's program be directing or producing major motion picture film, that is true success," said marketing suit Tony Matta. This is truly a marketing stunt that would make newly deceased, chip-encrusted Doritos inventor Arch West proud.