Pok Pok Ny, the Thai restaurant that won accolades since opening in Red Hook in 2012, will only be around for a few more weeks.

The NY Times reported the news, noting there were "several reasons for the decisions" from chef and owner Andy Ricker: "The restaurant’s lease came up for renewal. And though the landlord was willing to negotiate, Mr. Ricker said, it didn’t make sense in the face of decreasing revenues and rising expenses. His general manager, Valerie Dozier, is switching careers to film and leaving the restaurant. And, the Columbia Street waterfront district, the restaurant’s neighborhood, has not become 'a hub of activity despite years of positive predictions,' as he put it."

Ricker started Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon, where he has other establishments, and will open an offshoot in Las Vegas. However, the Times also reports that, "On the cusp of turning 55 and wanting something of a less-hectic life, Mr. Ricker said that he is looking forward to spending more time at his home in Chiang Mai, Thailand."

Sorry the beer slushie never quite worked out.