Time to stop judging old ladies for their dining choices because it turns out that NYC's cleanest fast food chains are White Castles. The incomparably inquisitive Ben Wellington of I Quant NY has unleashed these findings and more fascinating fast food facts in a posting today, thereby validating all late-night cravings of terrifying circular reconstituted chicken product. Oh, and you may want to think twice about those pancake hankerings.

It turns out that the city's White Castle outposts lead the chains with the least health code violations, according to data on the Department of Health's website. Harbinger of the Doritopocalypse Taco Bell comes in second place with Starbucks rounding out the top three cleanest places to eat like suburbanites. The data also shows that the city's IHOPs rank dead last in the DOH race, averaging about 21 violation points per inspection, landing it firmly in B grade territory.

Another interesting observation noted by Wellington: fast food combo chains are way grosser than a single fast food chain, sometimes by as much as double. Taco Bell franchises average around 11 violation points while Taco Bell-KFC hybrids average more than 28. Bottom line, when the Quesarito mood strikes, go right for the Bell and bypass the rats. Or head straight for the square sliders while you still can.