Iffy weather did nothing to deter the crowds at Saturday's Vendy Awards, the annual celebration of the city's street vendors, food trucks and market purveyors. Lines snaked their way through Colonel's Row on Governors Island, creating a maze of bodies eager to sample the city's best mobile food vendors this year. Not even a wave of yellow-jackets, which were almost inescapable at last year's event, could thin the herd—though the human attendees were slightly less alarming in their quest for food.

Snowday Food Truck, the social justice-minded organization which took home Rookie of the Year last season also won big at this year's event, earning the coveted Vendy Cup (as voted by the judges), as well as People's Choice. Their maple grilled cheese was a big hit as always and worked in concert with tender riblets and the refreshing cucumber smoothie they also had on offer. Taking over the mantle of Rookie of the Year: Coney Shack, proving that riffing on tacos will always win over a crowd.

The top notch dessert competitors conceded the win to Doughnuttery, who were frying up mini doughnuts on site. Home Frite were pumping out cones of delicious french fries and dipping sauces at a steady clip, earning them the distinction of Best Market Vendor. Finally, sweet sips and puckered lips won Renegade Lemonade the inaugural Best Street Drink title.

I was particularly blown away by the flavorful noodles and keema palata from Burmese Bites, the outstanding beignets from Booqoo Beignets, nostalgia-inducing orange and milk juice from Best Uptown Juice, succulent burgers from Hard Times Sundaes and the crunchy Popcorn Chicken Bao from Kaya.