Lobsters have come a long way since their prison years, so much so that many New Yorkers have gotten accustomed to paying as much as $25 for a lobster roll. As a native New Englander, this hurts my soul; as a now New Yorker, I'm used to it. So: would you pay $40 for a lobster roll?

If so, Chelsea Market's Cull & Pistol will be observing National Lobster Day this weekend with a special footlong lobster roll available for that price at both lunch and dinner. Diners receive 12 inches of sweet meat, totaling half a pound, in either a mayonnaise-based Maine-style salad with scallions or served warm with butter, a la Connecticut. Each portion also comes with a "heaping portion" of New Bay fries but sorry, no free cruise.

When you think about it, the typical lobster roll clocks in around six inches (if you're lucky), meaning this special meal is actually kind of a "deal" if you've got a serious appetite for lobster—or a friend to split the cost.