Boasting some of the city's best public bathrooms, the Port Authority isn't just a destination for exploding bladders and Peter Pan travelers, it's also soon to be the home of the next destination food hall. The Port Authority Board of Directors have announced plans for an "upscale food court" by OHM Concession Group, who run such prestigious food operations as concessions inside Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Indianapolis airports. I'll never be untrue to you, Auntie Anne's.

The group signed a 10-year, $15.2 million deal to raze a Jamba Juice (which will relocate), Deli Plus and U.S. Postal Service outpost to install their own "diverse, high-end dining options" in the terminal's Main Ticketing Plaza. The new deal was brokered as part of the $90 million Quality of Commute program, which was responsible for those sparkling new bathrooms and renovations to all of the terminal's bathrooms by the end of 2016.

The Port Authority hasn't disclosed which restaurants will be arriving with the new facelift, but OHM's "concepts" including Jamba Juice (ironically), Dunkin Donuts, Einstein Bros Bagels...and Chick-fil-A. Will the Worst Place On Earth soon harbor one of the worst companies on earth? It's frighteningly possible. Sigh. Can't they just bring back a cocktail lounge?