There was a time when Nutella just meant a chocolate-hazelnut party on a slice of toast after school. But then came Cronut holes and an Eataly bar and all sorts of other #branded iterations that made the humble snack a bit too showy, if we're being honest. But people love the stuff, of course, especially a crew of Park Slopers who are opening a dedicated Nutella restaurant, according to Park Slope Stoop. The only problem: it might not be wholly above board.

You see, Nutella isn't exactly a mom-and-pop operation (at least not at this stage in the game) as it's owned and produced by Italian confectionary giant Ferraro. As Grub Street points out, Ferraro operates its own cafes and shops (for example, the thing inside Eataly) and are less likely to be agreeable to a third party using their name and product to promote a business. To see where they stand, we've reached out to Nutella's reps here in the States and we'll update when we hear back.

If the new eatery, Nutelleria NY manages to get its doors open, they'll be serving the kinds of things you'd expect a Nutella restaurant to serve, like crepes and sandwiches and fruit-type things filled with the tasty spread. As we said before, Nutella is fantastic and should be enjoyed by everyone; but if things don't come to fruition with this restaurant, remember you can still enjoy the stuff at home (hopefully)!