Regional fast food chains are something of a curiosity to those who didn't grow up eating ButterBurgers and tacos with french fries, and NYC has recently seen an influx of these nostalgia-inducing stomachaches making their way here. The latest addition to that trend is Arby's, which is set to plunk their roast beef sandwiches and horsey sauce down in Midtown on 40th and 8th Avenue, much to the delight of transplants and processed food enthusiasts.

The Times reports that the company has seen an increase in sales from traffic growth, meaning more people are shlepping to the restaurants to stuff their faces with curly fries. Arby's chief executive revealed that the company could see $4 billion in sales from its 3,400 stores by 2018, a pretty sizable hunk of beef in a time when bigger fast food companies like McDonald's are desperately trying to maintain dominance.

The company—and frequent Jon Stewart target—joins Steak 'n Shake and Chick-fil-A as the latest interlopers—and did you hear that a Dairy Queen is also opening a drive-thru in Williamsburg? Arby's in Manhattan, a new Dairy Queen in Brooklyn, NYC is finally becoming a place for REAL Americans!