There have been tasting festivals dedicated to grilled cheese and plain cheese, doughnuts and other breakfast foods, and now it's time for one centered around dessert. In October, a new fest, Dessert Goals, swoops in for a social media-fueled celebration of all things sugary. Dessert = squad here? We need a Gen Z translator.

Organizers are promising over 20 different sugar pushers and so far eight have been announced. Jae NYC Eats, who make the "artisanal Twinkies" seen above, will be joined by Melt Bakery; those wild egg waffle creations from Wowfulls; Macaron Parlour; dragonfruit bowls by Baba Cool; mini cakes by Mini Melanie; bubble tea by Boba Guys; and mochi from Mochidoki.

Most importantly, there's going to be a "photo garden dedicated specifically to Instagram needs." We're not sure how that will work, but we assume it includes your friend begrudgingly using their iPhone as a light source, a hand model, a filter concierge, a fully-automated #hashtaggenerator and someone to forcibly remove your phone from your hand and throw it down a well. Or so we imagine.

Tickets—which include only entry, desserts need to be purchased separately—are $10 until September 27th, when the price jumps up to $15. There's no additional cost for the photo garden except the cost to your soul.