It may not have the spectacular views of the The William Vale's 22nd floor Westlight bar—a component of Williamsburg's newest hotel—but the 15,000 square-foot promenade known as "Vale Park" is still an exceedingly pleasant place to hang out, with its grassy rolling "hills," picnic blankets, an herb garden, wooden terraces and cafe tables. And, as of today, Andrew Carmellini's burger and soft serve stand, Mister Dips.

Housed in a highly polished airstream trailer at the northern end of the park, Mister Dips is serving a short, cheap, and appealing menu, some of which we had the opportunity to sample yesterday evening at a preview party. Carmellini and crew are flipping griddle-cooked beef burgers—available as a single, a double, or jacked up with hatch chilis and sriracha—and they are delicious. There's a first-rate, nicely-textured "Green Label" veggie burger as well, made from grains, black beans, and mushrooms, and some exceptional "Dirty Dipped" waffle fries covered in spicy cheese and scallions.

And for dessert (or for dinner, because you're a grownup and can do whatever you want) there are a trio of Dairy Dips from which to choose, including the Jacker Crax, which is caramel-coated vanilla soft ice cream studded with caramel popcorn, salted peanuts and a ring of chocolate around the wafer cone. We just had a sample-sized version, but even small, this is totally satisfying.

Mister Dips is located at Vale Park within Williamsburg's William Vale Hotel complex, on the second-story promenade overlooking Wythe Avenue. The entrance is a stairway on N 12th Street. Open 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Monday - Friday and 12 p.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday - Sunday.