Ample Hills Creamery, one of the best ice cream shops in the city, will now deliver delectable tubs of its good stuff right to your apartment. Never forget that the Internet can be a beautiful thing, no matter how many Twitter trolls it forces you to fend off.

Next week, the Brooklyn-based ice cream company will start shipping flavors like Salted Crack Caramel and Chocolate Malted nationwide, making it that much easier for you to remind all your West Coast friends that everything, including ice cream, is better in New York. You have to order six pints—they run $60 total—to get them shipped, but hey, who can't consume nearly a gallon of ice cream in one sitting? You can "choose your own" ice cream adventure or opt for a pre-packaged pack of classics.

Of course, if you're feeling mobile, Ample Hills has a brand new facility in Gowanus, in addition to outposts in Prospect Heights and at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park.