Looks like the catsup's out of the bag and America's mayonnaise lovers can finally stand proud as one creamy, united front. According to a new market research report, the eggy condiment beats out ketchup as the United States' most purchased condiment. We're blaming Brooklyn.

Our country consumes $2 billion in mayonnaise each year, Quartz reports, more than double the amount of ketchup, which rings in at $800 million. Put that on your french fries and eat it! (Mayonnaise on french fries tastes delicious, btw.)

Soy sauce ranked third in America's most popular condiments, with a market value around $725 million; barbecue sauce came in fourth place at around $660 million. America's growing love for hot sauce wasn't able to push the fiery sauce into the top three but at least it's faring better than mustard, whose paltry (by comparison) sales weren't able to crack $450 million. Pray for the dirty water dog.