As the Daily Meal says themselves, it's pretty much impossible to define the "best restaurant," but they've gone ahead and tried anyway. And sorry foodies, but it's not here. At least, according to their panel of judges that includes folks like Bloomberg News food critic Ryan Sutton and Jordan Levy of Zagat. According to them, Thomas Keller’s French Laundry is #1. But Keller's Per Se came in second place, so we'll just take that as a partial victory.

New York had 18 restaurants in the top 50 list (they rank 101 restaurants total), including Le Bernardin, WD-50, Kat'z Deli and Del Posto. And we're counting Blue Hill Stone Barns because nobody else can. Still, the list is ripe for debate. Is Daniel really better than WD-50? Why does New Haven get a pizzeria on the list and we don't? And besides Luger, where are all these Brooklyn restaurants we keep hearing about? Maybe Mimi Sheraton was onto something.