With 17 hours to go, more than 100,000 people have gone and paid Living Social $13 for a booklet featuring five Big Mac vouchers and five large fries vouchers. That's $1.3 million+ in sales! To pull out an increasingly old cliche: America? This is why you are fat.

Look, we love McDonald's fries as much as the next blog, but something about this particular deal strikes as just gross. Perhaps it is the Living Social copy which pushes the deal as a perfect holiday stocking stuffer?

Travel from Florida to Alaska and the landscape and accents may change, but one thing stays the same: the Big Mac. This holiday season, give those on your wish list a gift they'll really savor. Pay just $13 and receive one voucher booklet good for five Big Mac sandwiches and five large fries that can be shared and redeemed at any participating McDonald's in the US during multiple visits (a $26 value). There are few things as quintessentially American as sinking your teeth into a juicy beef patty topped with pickles and onions... on top of another juicy beef patty with rich, American cheese. Add in lettuce, special sauce, and McDonald's "World Famous Fries," and you have the perfect stocking stuffer for friends and family everywhere.

Maybe, however, this deal—which pretty much gives you enough calories to hibernate through winter—is right up your alley. In which case, you've still got time. Stocking stuffer, gullet stuffer. Same difference!