Last week we discovered that something called Absolut Tune, a sparkling vodka-wine, existed. And for one shining second we wondered if the world truly needed a 14% ABV sparkling wine. And that is exactly why we are bloggers and not liquor company executives. Because, as those Big Booze execs are well aware, vodka that is more than vodka is big business these days. Like, a quarter of the vodka industry, big.

According to a recent report, flavored vodka sales jumped by 3.3 million 9-litre cases last year, with three quarters of all the new vodkas launched last year being flavored. Further, nearly a quarter of all consumer vodka sold in the States last year was flavored. The most popular flavors? Citrus, raspberry and whipped cream.

Did nobody get the memo that vodka isn't supposed to be flavored? Sigh.