Turns out that when American Apparel founder Dov Charney isn't getting sued for sexual harassment, he's busy investing in new projects. Like a barbecue restaurant in the East Village. Because nothing goes better with a pair of neon tricot leggings than some spicy pulled pork and a couple of hot biscuits!

Charney is teaming up with chef Curtis Brown—previously seen in the kitchen at sidewalk-stinker Bubby's and onstage fronting the band Bad Wizard—to help open The Cardinal, a Southern-influenced spot with a BBQ-heavy menu, on East Fourth Street. Although we're not sure how Charney, whose company is nearly bankrupt, is in any way capable of "investing" in a new business venture, we do know that Brown met Charney through his business partner Leanne Hebert-Nguyen, who worked at American Apparel for two years and lived to tell the tale.

“He’ll be here opening night— that kind of situation. And he gives us any support he can, helping us find stuff like light fixtures for the restaurant," said Brown of Charney's involvement, describing it as generally "hands-off." That's a relief, though some say Charney's hands do have a tendency to wander into places they probably shouldn't be. The restaurant is slated to open in about two weeks, and the menu does sound halfway decent. Just one word of warning, though: don't order the special sauce.