Pricey groceries, spicy chicken sandwiches, bulk toilet paper—for the Manhattan dweller, the number of items not available to be delivered to your door on demand within the hour is dwindling. Has someone figured out the one-hour baby goat snuggling service? Get on that. Amazon's speedy Prime Now service has been available for Manhattanites to impulse buy Minions actions figures since last year, and now the delivery giant has added sweet, sweet alcohol to its one-hour delivery service.

Yes, sating one's lust for Apothic Dark has become scarily simple for members of Amazon's Prime family. Via the Prime Now app (that's one catch, another icon for your iPhone!), wine, beer and spirits can be procured from Union Square Wines, Vintage Grapes and Westside Market, depending on where you live in the borough. One-hour deliveries will set you back $7.99 for the convenience (that's the other catch) but give them an extra hour of wiggle room and they'll deliver it all with no fee within two hours. Think of that extra hour wait time as a way of proving to yourself you're not an alcoholic.

Also available in the 60 minute window: goodies from Eataly. "Fresh pastas, delicious sauces, smoked meats, specialty cheeses, and sweet Italian treats" can be in your hands in less time than a rerun of Sherlock, by which time you'll be hammered on red wine and welcome bucketfuls of bucatini from the haggard driver who schlepped them to your five floor walkup.