Amazon's been dominating the delivery circuit for years and have slowly been pushing their way into smaller markets with their Prime Now program, which delivers a number of different items within a one hour window. If you need Dewars on the double or Minions à la minute, you could have it. Now Manhattanites can have delivery meals from hundreds of restaurants available to them in 60 minutes or less, with the debut of the company's new restaurant delivery platform.

Unlike similar delivery startups like Caviar, Doordash, and Postmates, the Amazon offering won't charge a delivery free, which Eater reports has been permanently established following an initial declaration that fees would apply after the program settled in.

Delivery is zip-code dependent, so neighborhoods like the Upper East Side (10065) can nosh on sandwiches from Alidoro and Mexican from Pampano, while the East Village (10003) gets egg sandwiches from BEC and crocks of cheese noodles from S'MAC. Even delivery-averse John's of Bleecker Street is tossing their pies in boxes to go—provided you're in their zone.

Like the rest of the Prime Now perks, you'll have to be a member of Amazon Prime to enjoy the delivery services and, for now, the program's only in Manhattan. While the convenience of these services is wonderful, it's important to keep in mind that restaurants spend more money to be hosted on sites like this. Amazon has reportedly charged restaurants 27.5% of the check, which is double what some other providers charge. Amazon told Recode this would "[take] the burden of delivery off a restaurant's back."

So if you truly love your local pizzeria or Chinese spot, it's always better to order directly from them. Yes, that internet-connected device always in your hand makes phone calls, too, in case you forgot.