Amanda Hesser and Tad Friend, Paris-Segway-style; Photo - Christian Kallen for

Mon dieu! Gothamist's favorite New York Times food writer, Amanda Hesser, and husband New Yorker writer Tad Friend, are riding Segways in Paris for Slate. Apparently, Tad Friend is heading up some sort of diplomatic-literary-technology type of delegation to bring cutting edge human transport devices to old-school Europe. About time.

Segway and steps in Paris; Photo - Christian Kallen for Slate.comWe especially like this picture of them hauling the Segways up steps at the Jardins du Luxembourg. Friend is terribly funny about the trip so far. Gothamist looks forward to the rest of the week.

Amanda Hesser's new book, Cooking for Mr. Latte is a collection of recipes from the her courtship with Tad. It's like M.F.K. Fisher meets Candace Bushnell. She's also a Person The Morning News Likes. Gothamist likes her, too. When we first saw her teach at Fairway, we were shocked at how young she looks and felt like huge hulking giants next to her.

Gothamist on Segways in New York. Buy a Segway at Gizmodo.