Oh, you G&T fans are going to love this. Gin Palace, a new bar that opened in the Cienfuegos complex on Avenue A not only serves the standard cocktail—they literally serve it on tap. No, seriously, they've got gin and tonic served with Bitterman's Commonwealth and grapefruit bitters on tap for $7 a glass. And beyond that? The dark and shiny drink joint actually has some pretty affordable cocktails on hand.

Lots of black and gold greet you when you enter this not bright gin joint from the Death & Co. and Dram folks. Leather banquettes and lots of detail work (also a cage) are on hand—though thankfully the trend of Edison light bulbs seems to be coming to an end. But enough about the decor, the draw here is the gin. Though they have wine and beer on tap, the juniper-based beverage really is the name of the game here. And with all the non-G&T drinks coming in at $10 it isn't even that of an expensive game to play. You can check out the full menu, below.

Oh, what's that? Gin makes you hungry? Well, they have a simple food menu (think fish and chips, scotched eggs, curry wurst and samosas) to make sure you don't get too drunk on all that gin...

95 Avenue A // 212-614-6818