Last week, the butt chugging phenomenon took the media by storm when a 20-year-old University of Tennessee student was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning after he and his fellow frat members had allegedly conducted “alcohol enemas." That student, Alexander Broughton, has adamantly denied that any butt chugging occurred. In a multi-page statement (PDF), he compares the situation to The Wizard Of Oz, and gives one reason why he would never butt chug: “I am a Christian who would never desecrate my body in that manner. To do so would be against God's law." He also held a press conference with his lawyer yesterday, which you can watch below.

“On Friday, September 21, 2012 I made a bad choice regarding drinking. That decision almost cost me my life, and I deeply regret it,” he told reporters. “However, the scandalous accusations surrounding that event never happened, and I completely deny them.” Broughton made his statement surrounded by his suit-and-sunglass-wearing frat brothers from Pi Kappa Alpha; the University of Tennessee chapter of the frat has been suspended through 2015 because of the incident. When a reporter asked, ”Can you clarify what did happen that day?”, Broughton snapped back, “It’s a long story.” We're sure it is, but that probably would have been the time to retell the story, instead of leaving it out there for people to make Butters jokes.

His lawyer Daniel McGehee added that Broughton had never heard of ”butt chugging” before he landed in the hospital with a blood alcohol level above .4. McGehee said his client was that drunk because he was taking part in "Tour de Franzia," a drinking game that revolves around people racing to finish a box of Franzia wine...through their mouth-hole. As for why police may have jumped to the conclusion that he was butt chugging, Broughton thinks it may have been because of something that happened while he was passed out: “I was apparently on the floor of the shower, and when someone attempted to raise me off the floor, that person used my belt to lift me up which caused my shorts to be forced into my crotch area,” Broughton wrote in his statement, adding that he then defecated on himself.