You thought you were doing everything right: you quit smoking, moved away from your smoggy hometown, and threw that radon inhaler away long ago. But did you swear off bagels? No? Well then you're still at risk for lung caner, says science.

Researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center published the results of a new study this month, one which found that those who eat a diet with a high glycemic index may be as much as twice more likely to suffer from lung cancer than those who don't. Foods with a high glycemic index include bagels, white rice, as well as certain fruits and potatoes—these foods cause the body to create create high amounts of insulin. When this happens, compounds cause cells in the body to grow, and when these sized-up cells proliferate throughout the body, cancer risks rise.

The study examined 1,905 people diagnosed with cancer, compared with 2,415 people with a clean bill of health. When asked about their eating and smoking habits, those who admitted to a high glycemic index diet were 50 percent more likely to be suffering from lung cancer. What's more, the link between tasty bagel-ish meals and lung cancer was found to be even more pronounced if a person doesn't smoke.

Lung cancer is currently the deadliest cancer in the United States. The line for Rainbow Bagels is currently the most depressing line in North America. Coincidence?

[h/t Today]