It's right about time to start making your holiday wish list and right at the top of ours is the delicious monstrosity known as Nutellasagna from Robicelli's in Bay Ridge. Maniacally creative pastry maker Allison Robicelli developed the dish during the bakery's Jump The Shark summer, where they attempted to out-hype the hype-making media with ironic and oddball Frankenfoods.

So what lies in store for each forkful? Let's let Allison take it from here:

It's layers of buttery lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, copious amounts of Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, with some marshmallows on top for additional sweetness. They'll be sold in foil catering pans, so you can pop it in the oven at home and serve warm Nutellasagna after dinner. Or you can eat it cold or room temp—totally up to you. No fancy packaging—this is straight South Brooklyn guinea.

And there you have it. Allison says that the Nutellasagna was the biggest hit of their Shark Jumping experiment, resulting in a very quick sell-out and multiple inquiries about whether the bakery would make it again. There's even a very sweet holiday tie-in to their decision to re-release the treat: "My favorite childhood memory of any holiday was my Grandmother's lasagna. It's still probably my favorite food, though no one makes it exactly like she did. I miss her a lot."

Starting the week of Christmas, the bakery is offering Half Trays ($65) that feed 10 - 15 and Full Trays ($120) that feed 15 - 24; email to reserve one today or fill out the order form. They offer delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn and some parts of Long Island and Queens but those looking for a potential single-serving will have to head to the bakery's Bay Ridge digs.