In an industry dominated by men, it's refreshing to see a new venture on the nightlife scene inspired by and created by powerful women. Enter Grace, a new Irish pub and restaurant opening Labor Day weekend in Kips Bay. The bar takes its name from Ireland's 16th century "Pirate Queen" Grace O'Malley, a maiden of the high seas who commanded her own fleet that took on the Royal Navy. She's a symbol of national pride in Ireland, as well as a paragon of female empowerment, thus an excellent namesake for an establishment with such heavy hitting lady mixologists.

The crew consists of Eryn Reece (Death & Co.), Ivy Mix (Clover Club, Speed Rack), Jane Danger (The NoMad), Ms. Franky Marshall (The Dead Rabbit) and a slew of other cocktail slinging ladies known for their prowess with a bottle of hooch. The women created a cocktail list that "tells the story of Grace O'Malley and her accomplishments and incorporates flavors that express her domain." While we don't know what exactly that means just yet, expect "spirits of the Elizabethan era" like gin, brandy and sherry, among others.

L: "Clare Island" by Lucinda Sterling; R: "Beclare" by Franky Marshall (Photos by Andrew Kist)

Craft beer, wine and a "formidable" list of Irish whiskeys can also be procured; in keeping with pirate tradition, keep a look out for aged rum as well. No specifics about the food menu just yet but seafood will obviously play a large role.

365 Third Avenue between 26th and 27th Streets, 646-918-6553;