The Millennials gave it a decent effort, but it appears that McDonald's won't be dying anytime soon thanks to people who eat Egg McMuffins for dinner. The burger chain's fourth quarter revenue was the best in four years, thanks in no small part to the rollout of all-day breakfast in October.

Analysts anticipated 2.7% growth for the fourth quarter in U.S. restaurants, but the chain exceeded that prediction at 5.7%. The large growth has the Golden Arches outperforming other chains including both Burger King and Chipotle, the latter of which had been connected with the decline of traditional fast food.

Much of the turnaround is being credited to Steve Easterbrook, who became Chief Executive at McDonald's last March. In addition to the all-day breakfast move, he's responsible for other moves—including a new McPick 2 program of two items for $2—that have contributed to the chain's recent success. Franchisee's may have been resistant, but anytime Sausage Hash Brown Sandwiches aren't going anywhere soon.