Breakfast: either the most important or least important but arguably most delicious meal of the day—whenever that may be. Post-college, breakfast foods were the go-to drunchie satisfier at the diner—and certainly the next morning—so Boilermaker, the East Village spot rocking shots and beers are adding breakfast dishes to their food and drink lineup with a Midnight Pancake program launching week after next.

It's a great innovation for those of us who can stay up past midnight (just wait, youngin's): get your drunk food fix while keeping the night going. The Boilermaker kitchen'll be griddling up pancakes that go beyond traditional diner offerings, like three-stacks of Red Velvet, S'mores and Apple Pie (all $10) and a savory Potato ($10) topped with sour cream, in addition to a traditional Buttermilk ($8). All the sweet ones come up maple syrup or house-made butterscotch sauce, plus whipped cream for two more quarters.

(Paul Wagtouicz)

They're already doing a superlative burger, so post-midnights now include a different kind of sandwich on a potato bun: an Egg Sandwich (with any style of eggs) with truffle aioli for just $5. Add on cheese or bacon ($1) or sausage ($2), or get meats as a side ($4 and $5, respectively). One can also get a jump on brunch by ordering a House Mimosa ($11) with sparkling wine, OJ, curacao, grapefruit bitters and Citadelle London Dry Gin. Or just more shots and beers—save the relief cocktails for when you really need them.

Boilermaker starts their Midnight Pancake shenanigans Wednesday, June 15th // 13 First Avenue