Alidoro, makers of the city's most delectable sandwiches, have outdone themselves with their latest special: an Italian Cheesesteak. The shop introduced the new sandwich as a balm for the crummy weather we've been experiencing, knowing that chanting the words "truffle cream" has been known to summon the sun. If never-ending rain brings inspiration like this, we're buying stock in Hunter boots ASAP.

The sandwich was born at the sandwich shop's Midtown location, which opened on East 39th Street in 2014 and began serving hot sandwiches at the start of this year. It features rosemary-braised, thinly sliced sirloin steak; a layer of imported provolone cheese; a truffle cream sauce; and garlic-sauteed mushrooms. It is ridiculous, it is delicious and it will cost you $14.

Learn how the sandwiches get made in the video below:

(Video by Jessica Leibowitz/Gothamist)