Has it truly been 13 years since the debut of Rice To Riches? My fellow NYU freshmen were very excited about it, that much I recall. If there's been a challenger to the original in the interim, it's lost to me like many a Friday night in college. Either way, there's a new rice pudding destination in the city, with the opening of Rice Cream Shoppe, located in a different section of Bobcat territory on Bleecker Street.

The Shoppe scoops up 20 different flavors of pudding, 15 of which will be staple creations and five more seasonal. Rum Raisin, S'Mores, Banana Toffee and Dulce de Leche are some of the tempting rice-based creations, plus a traditional Indian Kheer flavor made with cardamom, currants and nuts. If they offered a version with rose water they'd endear themselves to me forever.

They'll be offering vegan flavors as well, plus others that are low-fat and gluten-free. The puddings come in three sizes: 8 ounces for $7, 12 ounces for $8.75 and a quart for $20 with any toppings or service in a waffle bowl an extra buck. Those of us with no qualms about additional calories can get a whipped cream topper free of charge.

195 Bleecker Street; website