No one is debating whether Mayor-in-training Alec Baldwin loves Starbucks—this is Baldwin 101 stuff. But that doesn't mean that Baldwin has love in his heart for every grande-swilling barista from West End to York Avenue. On Wednesday, Baldwin tweeted that he had an unfortunate experience with one such "uptight" barista with "an attitude problem" at the Starbucks at W 93rd and Broadway. The Post picked up the "story" today, and now Baldwin is annoyed: "Today's question: What makes Helen Freund of NY Post such a sleazy, from-under-a-rock tab gnat? What drives these tab "writers?" do u care?"

Admittedly, Baldwin did call out the barista-in-question by name (albeit, the wrong name), a move which Consumerist called "kind of like killing a gnat with a RPG." But the Post decided to bust open the non-story by talking to a coworker of the "uptight" barista. And the coworker basically calls Baldwin a big ol' jerkface: “I was here when it happened -- it was really just him being an [expletive]. He was very rude and disrespectful and arrogant. He’s probably the rudest guy I’ve ever met.”

Referring to the "uptight" barista, the coworker added: “And he didn’t do anything wrong; it was all that dude just being psycho. I saw a thing on ‘E’ a little while ago, and it was talking about how crazy he was. They were right.” In response to the report, Baldwin's representative said, “Starbucks is a great company. Unfortunately, not all of their employees can live up to their high standards.”

But you know who can live up to Baldwin's standards? Clyde can: "Clyde, on the other hand, outside DINOSAUR BARBECUE @ W 125 n H River is MY MAN. Keeping the hickory ovens going, he is 2dayz Coolest NYer," Baldwin tweeted this week. Clyde told E! News that Baldwin was a perfectly alright dude: "He was so into the meat; he was laid-back. He was a great guy.""