The bitter barista battle between Alec Baldwin and the NY Post continues! After complaining about the Post's coverage of his Tweet about an Upper West Side Starbucks barista yesterday, Baldwin found out that the Post will stop at nothing in the fight to clear a barista's good name—and that means working on a somber day.

Days after the 30 Rock star Tweeted about an "uptight barista" with an "attitude problem" at the West 93rd Street and Broadway location, the Post ran an expose, with quotes from the "uptight barista"'s coworker ("It was really just [Baldwin] being an [expletive]. He was very rude and disrespectful and arrogant. He’s probably the rudest guy I’ve ever met"). Baldwin complained about the reporter by name in a Tweet, "Today's question: What makes Helen Freund of NY Post such a sleazy, from-under-a-rock tab gnat? What drives these tab "writers?" do u care?"

Today Baldwin Tweeted, "A woman named Amber Sutherland from the Post JUST CAME TO MY APT BLDG!! ON THE 9-11 ANNIVERSARY!!! To ask me about Starbucks." Well, Sutherland has covered the $12 coffee beat.


Baldwin attacked a Post photographer last year after he was released from the hospital, after his daughter called 911, apparently because Baldwin said, "I'm tired of this. I'm going to take some pills. I'm going to end this." Baldwin told cops he had been fighting with ex Kim Basinger, who made their daughter call 911.