Well-respected mixologist Albert Trummer has taken a plea deal to stay out of jail after he was charged with reckless endangerment for his pyrotechnics behind the bar. You'll recall that Trummer was sued by his partner in the Chinatown cocktail den, Apotheke, for "repeatedly using highly flammable liquor to light fireballs." He was then slapped with criminal charges, which Trummer claims was part of an attempt by the co-owner, Heather Tierney, force him out of Apotheke. Her brother was also arrested for third-degree assault for tackling/smashing/pushing Trummer down the stairs at Apotheke last September.

That civil dispute is still working its way through the court system, but at least Trummer's criminal troubles are behind him! He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct yesterday, and will serve two days of community service. Speaking to Diner's Journal, he suggested his two days of community service could be spent "in cleaning or washing things, or perhaps I could teach the Fire Department about the flammability of different alcohols."

Though his flaming wings may have been clipped by the Man, Trummer's determined to keep mixing it up without fire, and his main focus these days is Theater Bar, the groovy Tribeca cocktail lounge. "Now I am working with aromatherapeutic drinks, and drinks with medicinal herbs, that put you in a different mood and mind," Trummer tells the Post. And later this month Trummer will team up with Chef Luis Ulloa, from the UWS restaurant Tolani, for a three-month limited engagement "cocktail/dining concept" at Theater Bar.

Working out the full kitchen underneath the bar, Ulloa will dish up small plates and entrees to go along with Trummer's cocktails, such as Fish Tacos paired with Passion De Lima Basil Infused Pisco with Fresh Passion Fruit, Pressed Lime, Dash of Egg Whites. Entrees include a Peri Peri Prawn paired with Alma de Dios Reposado Tequila, Fresh Smoked Pineapple, Elixr no.15, Essence of Habanera Pepper. (Call 212-334-2617 for reservations.)