bluesmoke.jpgGQ's Alan Richman gives props to his five favorite burgers in the city. As expected, the list contains several of the usual suspects -- Shake Shack ("Not a great burger, but a very good one."); the Burger Joint ("No matter how you take it, your burger will be perfect, a manifestation of caring and know-how."); and Peter Luger ("There’s only one correct way to eat meat this wonderful, and that’s unadorned.") -- but others were deliberately snubbed.

Richman calls out P.J. Clarke’s for "sending out a lost soul of a burger, one that has gone astray;" the Corner Bistro, noting that "it does a fine job at a great price, but the groceries on its shopping list aren’t good enough;" and J.G. Melon, where "the meat isn’t worth dealing with the meatheads who run the place." Rounding out his top five are Big Nick's and Blue Smoke. Do you think he missed any?

>Photo of Blue Smoke Burger from Off the Broiler.