There's nothing quite like Sunday brunch on a spring day in New York, so when Gothamist found ourselves and a dining companion cozily seated in a window seat at aKa cafe last weekend, we could offer little complaint. aka logo; photo -- AKA Cafe
Perusing the brunch menu, we quickly noticed a lack of sweet stuff -- no pancakes or french toast -- but, aKa compensates with a smattering of Mexican-inspired egg, omelette dishes, sandwiches, and casseroles.

The waiter promptly offered coffee (unlimited brew), and arrived with a slice half baguette with a pat of butter and strawberry jam for starters. The restaurant was busy, so we were pleased with the quick but casual service.

aka2.jpgGothamist dining companion, oft a visitor of aKa and an avocado enthusiast, opted for the A.B.L.T, -- avocado aioli, apple smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted pullman -- an embellished version of the traditional B.L.T. Gothamist used to eat all the time as a kid. The sandwich arrived, buttery and toasty on the outside, with aioli spilling out onto the plate -- delicious and a true indulgence.

Gothamist's dish, the huevos rancheros, proved to be a technicolored assortment of eggs over easy, warmed tortillas, black bean mash, bacon, avocado, and potato hash. While the eggs were cooked to taste, the black bean mash was too salty and potato hash slightly mushy. Pico de gallo, also on the plate, complimented the eggs and corn tortillas for the occasional delicious fiesta-of-the-mouth.

aKa Cafe offers window seats and Bellini chairs for a comfortable atmosphere at all times of the day. Brunch entrees are capped at $9 leaving room to splurge on a bloddy mary, lunch and dinner offer more of the same. With a short, but classic list of house drink specials, aka is really, A-okay.