A gorgeous old silver Spartan trailer will be the centerpiece of the new tacos-and-margaritas restaurant Zona Rosa when it opens in Williamsburg next week. Located at the corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer Street, Zona Rosa is brought to you by the owners of the popular Williamsburg restaurant Mesa Coyoacan on Graham Avenue. The 1946 Spartan is the same one that was used by the 3rd Ward cafe Goods.

Like Coyoacan, Zona Rosa is also a neighborhood in Mexico City, and according to the owners, the restaurant "pays homage to the area's history during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s when its artistic revitalization, populated by intellectuals and the city's elite, attracted exclusive restaurants and clubs, giving the neighborhood its lively, bohemian reputation with a large gay population." And as it happens, Metropolitan is right around the corner from Zona Rosa, Williamsburg!

(Zona Rosa)

Chef Ivan Garcia, who grew up in Mexico City, will make all the tortillas and salsas in-house and the menu features over a dozen different types of tacos, including Tacos De Canasta, basket tacos, traditionally served out of bicycles that park outside of office buildings in Mexico City. There will also be Tortas Ahogadas, i.e. drowned sandwiches, a typical dish "from the streets of Guadalajara that submerges a sandwich in salsa." Tacos Arabes, an Arab-style Taco, is influenced by the Lebanese immigrants that arrived in Mexico in the 1930s.

There will be margaritas, beer, weekend brunch, and pit-style BBQ as well, but to be honest they had us at that gleaming trailer.

571 Lorimer Street (corner of Metropolitan Avenue), Williamsburg, Brooklyn // (917) 324-7423

(Zona Rosa)