Last weekend, a tipster sent us a photo of Whole Foods' prepared chicken taking an elevator ride next to some gross trash bags. Whole Foods quickly apologized for the whole thing, and the city went back to believing that its gourmet markets served nothing but food of the highest quality. That is, until another tipster sent us these photos. She writes:

Today I was eating a sandwich in Subway on 1st Ave next to Agata & Valentina below 79th street. Along came a fish van and out came and A&V worker. The worker brought an old hand truck out and he loaded two large fish carcasses onto it. Then he took a third and placed it on the sidewalk. A few minutes later he took the second fish off the hand truck and put it on the sidewalk. He hauled the first fish away into the store and left the other two fish laying on the sidewalk for a good ten minutes. He came out again and loaded up another fish, then about five minutes later again came out and this time carried the last fish in his hands. Just before entering the store he dropped the fish on the sidewalk before making it inside. I also saw him wiping his nose with his gloved hand between handling the fish. This is totally disgusting and thought I should pass it along.

A call to Agata & Valentina left us on hold for a while until a gentleman took our number and promised to have the right person get back to us. A call Bob Gosman Company Inc., the seafood purveyors, was answered by a woman who told us that nobody was there and to try back for "Brian" in the morning. Though Agata & Valentina doesn't have a restaurant grade yet, it lost points on its last inspection for having "cold food held above 41°F (smoked fish above 38°F) except during necessary preparation."