The epic saga of East Village dive Mars Bar finally appears to have come to an end, after a visit from the Department of Health and an overriding sense of ambivalence from the owner.

A surprise visit from the DOH yesterday resulted in the bar being shuttered after inspectors found, oh, about 850 fruit flies in the place, plus a whole slew of other generally unsanitary conditions. Runnin' Scared stopped by to chat with owner Hank Penza, who said that he wouldn't re-open before the building is demolished because "I got tired" and "I don't want to be bothered."

And so it goes. Last night a crew of regulars held a candlelight vigil for the deceased bar, and EV Grieve has the latest "last" word, writing that Penza promised two regulars he'd sell them the bathroom doors for $1,000 each.