For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a food marathon, what with the massive meal and the leftovers (and now this everything pie we must make, eat, repeat) but for those looking to really get gluttonous this holiday weekend, Tim "The 4-Hour Body" Ferris, has an idea for you. Why not go on an actual Food Marathon?

In his just-released, Amazon-published book The 4-Hour Chef, Ferris includes a chapter (which we've included below) in which he maps out a massive food tour that covers 26.2 dishes in 26 locations and is meant to be covered in 24 hours. And hey, unlike some marathons, no police presence is required!

Having been on a food tour or two (or five) in our day, we're impressed that Ferris and his friend were able to hit up their entire 26-spot list (for a roughly $550 combined total!). We normally crash after we get six or seven restaurants in. But then again, when we go on these kinds of tours we include a lot more beer drinking. And we can't say that Ferris gets any points for referencing Lance Armstrong as inspiration these days.

Still, if you want to forgo Black Friday and embrace gluttony, this map is a good to start. Though we'd probably cut back on some of the Tom Colicchio restaurants (Craft, Craftbar, 'wichcraft and Riverpark seems like overkill)—maybe replace the 'wichcraft brisket with something from Num Pang? And call us cheap but maybe save the trip to Eleven Madison Park for a non-tour occasion?

Alternatively, you could save your money and your waistline and spend your day volunteering.