On June 9th, 2007, the Treats Truck motored into Greenwich Village. On October 26th, 2016, it'll turn off its engines for good. In a letter on her website, owner Kim Ima thanked customers for their many years of patronage and "good cheer." Sugar, her signature silver truck, will retire, but Ima says she'll still be keeping her website, where she says fans have been regularly emailing her.

"People write to me all the time. Wonderful notes!" Ima told Gothamist this morning. "And I want people to still have a way to keep in touch. Also, I hope to share stories about the past ten years, in the coming years."

Ima didn't provide any outright reasons for the closure, but did point to the many years being both "mom and pop" in a mom and pop operation. "This has been an incredible way to be a part of NYC," she said. "To be on my side of the window, feeling the love and support and enthusiasm from the customers has been such a pleasure."

"Also, I don't have someone groomed to take over. I wish I did!" she lamented.

Ima and Sugar were known for peddling all sorts of sweet treats, predominantly cookies and brownies, though they also dabbled in the photo-friendly stuff even before Instagram was invented (if you can even imagine such a time). The truck's last day will be next week, but the catering arm will still operate through December 23rd.