Steak is expensive. So expensive, in fact, that you could spend nearly $1,000 on one cut at a single meal (whether you should is up for debate). Quality Eats—an offshoot of restaurateur Michael Stillman's Quality Meats restaurants—won't serve you a Tomahawk rib-eye aged for six months, but it will serve you lesser-known beef cuts that don't require obtaining a mortgage on your lease. (That's totally a thing right? My real estate knowledge is unsurpassed.)

There isn't a cut topping $30 at the new space on 2nd Avenue. The bavette (flank) is a friendly $19, the grilled skirt an approachable $28, and the Long-Bone Short Rib Steak—the restaurant's priciest steak option—rings up at $29. The most expensive menu item, the Dr. Pepper Beef Rib, is only $31, too. All the beef is sustainable and grass-fed to boot.

For its second location (a third will open this fall in NoMad), Quality adds fish steaks like Tuna au Poivre ($28), a Grilled Salmon Steak ($25) and Branzino Frites ($27), a riff on the French bistro classic but made with the European bass.

Check out the full menu—Patty Melt! Grilled Bacon with peanut butter and jalapeno jelly! Wacky ice cream sundaes!—below.

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As for the space, there's an outdoor patio with seating for 40 plus a "long 12-seat communal table carved with bold and irreverent scratchy drawings." (See above.)

The restaurant opened Monday.

1496 Second Avenue, 212-256-9922;

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