PizzeriaDeSanto_12-21-06.jpgAnother pizza spot is coming soon to the LES, right in the thick of it all on Ludlow Street between Houston and Stanton. Formerly partners in nightlife spots Happy Valley and Show, Sal Imposimato and Joe Vicari have banded together again to open Pizzeria De Santo.

Eschewing the $3-4.50 slices at Pala (we love the pumpkin and pancetta slice regardless of the cost) and the over-priced, fancified pies littered around the area in favor of basic round (red and white) and square slices, they hope to bring quality product based Grandma’s recipes to late night eaters. Used to creating environments for you to lose yourself within, this time they say it is about some time travel with a high-concept design based around 70’s design ideals. Look for a mid-January opening and we will try to bring you early word when it is available.