The formidable Park Slope Food Co-Op is losing members to little-known newcomer Greene Hill Food Co-Op faster than you can say Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. The Daily News reports that of the more than 60 to defect, the latest is none other than handsome heartthrob and alleged shift-shirker Adrian Grenier. Last week, after rumors surfaced that the A-lister had been kicked out of the notoriously stringent co-op for slacking off, Grenier took to twitter in an attempt to set the record straight:

With $45 million in annual revenue and 16,400 members, the Park Slope Co-Op didn't flinch upon hearing the news that they'd lost one of their biggest names. The manager told the Daily News, “He switched coops, which is fine,” confirming that Grenier had in fact left for greener pastures of his own volition.

Greene Hill, with its reportedly lax rules and regulations, might be more suited to fit the needs of the jet-setting TV star and part-time Clinton Hill resident. Besides, the budding co-op has a labor-sharing agreement with the venerable Park Slope grocery store, wherein members of either bastion of organic shopping can work their shifts and shop at both locations.