Margot's, the beloved bar-pizza pop-up that occasionally operates out of Emily's in Clinton Hill, is returning for the first time in seven months. On November 12th, pizza expert Adam Kuban will be taking over the ovens at Emily's for the first time in over half a year—and tickets go on sale today, so snatch them up while you still can.

Margot's will be announcing ticket sales sometime today via email—sign up for their mailing list to ensure you don't miss out—and they sell out quickly, previous ticket giveaways have lasted less than two minutes. If you don't manage to snag tickets, don't despair: sometimes the venue owner gives out a free pizza on the morning of the pop-up to an Instagram follower.

If you do manage to get a ticket (or two, but no more than that—there's a strict limit) here's what you're in for:

  • Margot-rita: Kuban's take on a classic margherita pizza, with tomato sauce, Romano, cheese, basil, and oregano
  • Funghitown: classic red sauce and Romano cheese topped with a mushroom medley (cremini, shiitake, and white button) and a truffled sottocenere
  • 1UP: olive oil, mushrooms, cheese, sauce on top, oregano, and black pepper
  • Peppers & Onion: red peppers, onion, and oregano
  • Rancho Anaya: extra cheese, pickled jalapeños, and a buttermilk ranch swirl
  • Sgt. Pepperoni: sauce, Romano cheese, and pepperoni
  • Collaboroni: a collaborative pie topped with Emily's signature pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, and honey on Margot's bar-pizza chassis
  • The Love Supreme: the star of the show, topped with sausage, diced green pepper, shaved red onion, oregano, and black pepper
  • Hot Supreme: sausage, pickled jalapeños, shaved red onion, and black pepper

But note that tickets aren't necessarily required for admission—they're actually a voucher for a pizza and an additional item. So if you only manage to get a single ticket, feel free to bring a friend who'd be willing to split a pie and a salad with you.

Tickets are $25 and go on sale this afternoon. May the pizza odds be ever in your favor.