Residents and visitors to San Francisco and Oakland have been known to wait on long lines for the grilled sausage at Rosamunde, which is also beloved by vegetarians for its Vegan Apple Sage sausage. Now NYC is about to get a taste, when the wildly popular beer and brats joint flings open its doors in Williamsburg, in the Southside space formerly occupied by the fun-yet-creepy dive Savalas and the snooty-good riddance Masten Lake.

Owner Josh Margolis tells The Lower Haight Blog, "Brooklyn made sense as an east coast location due to its similarities with San Francisco. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is filled with an eclectic mix of people and a Brooklyn version of something close to SF’s Mission or Haight neighborhoods. Our spot on Bedford Ave (between Grand and S. 1st) is Williamsburg’s south side, which is a bit more eclectic than Williamburg’s north side. Not unlike Lower Haight vs. Upper Haight or Mission/24th vs Mission/16th."

Gothamist Account Executive Josh Steele, who lived in San Francisco for a spell, is chomping at the bit. "Rosamunde was the perfect Saturday lunch when I lived in the Lower Haight," Steele raves. "It's a little store front with like two stools and just a counter right next to the legendary beer bar Toronado. I'd grab either the Hungarian on a french roll with hot peppers and onions or the Chicken Habenero with just onions then stroll next door to pair it up with a Racer 5 or a Boont Amber Ale. Not too expensive and you definitely feel sated. Or, in the case of Barleywine festival at Toronado, it was the only thing between me and being super hungover the next day.

"Since I moved to NY, they've opened up a location in the Mission—which has a bar like the one in Williamsburg will have—but I haven't been there. So, the experience of having my Rosamunde and beer in the same place will be a new one. It doesn't JUST pair well with good beer and JUST go light on the wallet. It's damned good. Every time I go back to SF it's up there with Pakwan in the Mission and Burma Superstar in the Richmond as MUST go spots."

So there you have it. Earlier this month Margolis anticipated a mid-August opening, but we passed by this weekend and it looks like it still has a little ways to go. We'll let you know as soon as the lines start forming.