072808difara.jpgDi Fara Pizza in Midwood may be revered by everyone from Brian Chase from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to New York Mag’s Josh Ozersky – who makes a point of living within walking distance of the joint – but Gotham City Insider is not impressed. After a recent visit, she slams the thin crust pizza mecca as “a spot for tourists to take pictures of an old man cutting basil onto a pizza.” And furthermore:

The shit people will put up with when they're told its "hip" is really unbelievable. The place was absolutely filthy - as its known to be - and I left with my eyes burning and my hair and clothes smelling like a burnt piece of crust. Clean the ovens, you old bat! When I worked in a pizzeria as a kid every night before closing we had to scrape the ovens and clean them out with hot water and rags. Is that too much to ask?

For me the last straw was when these two girls who were dressed like Cyndi Lauper pulled out their cameras to document Dom cutting the basil on their pies. Like it was the big money shot.

To be sure, this isn’t the first sign of a backlash against Di Fara; when the pizzeria was closed last year by the DOH, Slice’s Adam Kuban took the opportunity to bemoan their consistently burnt pies.

Photo of Dom cutting the basil on pies courtesy Adam Kuban.