Monk's Meats, the vegan operation that's taking the meat out of BBQ, has announced the opening of a forthcoming vegan "butcher" shop opening in Bed-Stuy next spring. The "vegetarian butcher shop and delicatessen" completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to open a shop at 477 Gates Avenue to sell steaks, burgers, sausages and "vegan options you would expect to find in a meat shop," co-founder Chris Kim told DNAinfo.

Monk's has been a popular stand at Smorgasburg since they debuted there in 2013, making their own seitan—a wheat-based protein—and eventually smoking it to evolve into their Monk's Vegan Smokehouse operation.

Don't expect this shop to sit around and eat their award-winning sliders, however, as it'll be a strictly take-out operation of the sandwiches, vegan meats, cheese and pickles, all made on-site.

"We'd love to be able to open a vegan BBQ joint somewhere down the line and offer a wider range of BBQ fare, with more proteins and lots of sides," Kim told Gothamist in August.