New York is by no means an unfriendly city for those of the vegan persuasion. We've got vegan restaurants of the fast and slow varieties, vegan pride parades and even vegan hot dog eating competitions. But one thing we don't have? A Vegan Bodega. Until, maybe, uh, now? Meet Eric Hopf, a former photographer's assistant and current Brooklyn stay-at-home dad who, along with his "vegan partner and their vegan daughter," is trying to launch a Vegan Bodega in Lower Manhattan. He just needs some start up funds from you first!

So what is Hopf thinking for this healthy take on a New York institution? Everything. If he can raise the $15,000 to get the joint off the ground ("The big banks don't do start-ups"), Hopf hopes to sell everything you would expect in a bodega...just sans meat. That means the basic vegan products you can get anywhere as well as things like vegan caviar, vegan tamales, vegan beer, vegan toiletries, vegan cleaners, and vegan condoms. And if they can raise more thank $15k, Hopf wants to get a meat the store can sell "sliced cheese and meat analogs."

Hopf hopes to raise enough cash to secure a location in either the Lower East Side or East Village for a winter opening. Ambitious, but doable, and it is an intriguing idea. But what we really want to know is if they'll have a vegan bodega cat, like all the best bodegas do.

You can send some money Hopf's way here. [via Bowery Boogie]