Laren Spirer and Tamara Lover toasting the good newsGothamist joins oenophiles around the country in lifting a glass to celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday that sets the stage to allow winemakers on Long Island and elsewhere to ship across state lines directly to out-of-state consumers. The New York Times describes the decision and the restrictive laws that were impacted:

By a 5-to-4 vote, the court overturned state liquor laws in New York and Michigan that gave preferential treatment to in-state wineries. Both states permit in-state wineries to ship directly to consumers, bypassing both retailers and wholesalers.

Michigan prohibited direct shipment by out-of-state wineries while New York nominally permitted it for out-of-state wineries that maintain a New York office, a requirement that no out-of-state winery has met and that the majority on Monday found so financially burdensome for small wineries as to amount to a prohibition.

Gothamist looks forward to the opening of the floodgates, as we are not fond of moderation or restriction, especially when it comes to our wine. Cheers!

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