Not far from the 7 train or the Sheraton LaGuardia where we had some world-renowned soup dumplings is Nanxiang Xiaolong Bao (aka Noodle House), a small restaurant with an equally small menu. Although the restaurant has far fewer menu options than a typical Chinese restaurant, Nanxiang Xiaolong Bao excels at what they do make. As their Chinese name implies, soup dumplings are their specialty. Orders of the soup dumplings are prepared in an area adjacent to the dining area, with the fine skin of each dumpling carefully rolled in plain sight.

While it takes longer to get your order of soup dumplings than some highly frequented establishments (we're looking at you, Joe's Shanghai), it's well worth the wait. The skin to the soup dumpling is delicate and light and the interior is plenty soupy. One thing to note, each soup dumpling order only has 6 dumplings ($4.50 for pork, $5.50 for crab), unlike the 8 you may get in other restaurants. In addition to soup dumplings, our table ordered some noodles (their English name is Noodle House, after all), and cold appetizers, which are in a display case by the entrance. The noodles and appetizers were also very good, but they didn't have all the items listed on their cold appetizer menu. One item we'll have to try on our next visit is their you tiao.

In a city that has some big name soup dumpling destinations, we think that ones at Nanxiang Xiaolong Bao are arguably the best soup dumplings we've had in the city.

Nanxiang Xiaolong Bao is located at 38-12 Prince St. in Flushing

Bean curd, $3.95; Jellyfish with radish, $4.95

Noodles with pork chop, $4.50